for the Sig sauer classic line of pistols

I'm a certified armorer in Delaware county, pA

What does this mean for you?

i'm A local armorer.

According to Sig Sauer, to maintain the warranty of its classic line of pistols, the pistol must be disassembled completely, inspected, thoroughly cleaned and lubricated, have certain parts replaced (regardless of their appearance), (certainly) reassembled, and function checked every three (3) years or 5,000 rounds - whichever is earlier. While Sig Sauer spent considerable time making the firearm system efficient, performing this "check up" is expensive and ill-advised to do yourself, plus it also VOIDS THE WARRANTY if you are not certified by Sig Sauer. The magazines should also be cleaned thoroughly and inspected, too.

Weaponsmiths can do this, but they tend to be expensive and have a wait list. You can also, like many proud Sig owners, find a Federal Firearms Dealer (FFL) to ship your firearm back to Sig Sauer, have your firearm sit on Sig Sauer's wait list until they get the time, and then their armorers will perform this service for you, send it back to an FFL, and then you can retrieve your firearm after several weeks have passed, potentially with your home being left in a weaker state of defense.

I am certified by the Sig Sauer Academy to perform these and other service, have my FFL, carry replacement parts, and can have your firearm back to you in a matter of days, rather than weeks. And even if a part needs replacing and I don't have it in stock, I can get the part from Sig Sauer quickly, still saving you time.

i will save you money.

As mentioned earlier, weaponsmiths charge much more for their time - considerably more than me.  If you choose the other approach, with me, you save the cost of paying an FFL to send your firearm back to Sig Sauer, the cost of shipping both ways, and the return receipt cost you will pay to the FFL.

Not with the intent to undercut Sig Sauer, I also offer prices comparable to theirs (their cost sheet is downloadable), plus discounts to entire Law Enforcement Agencies, LEOs (for their personal, Sig Sauer firearms), members of active duty military (including Reserves and National Guard, with Military ID) and for veterans with their DD214 (copy 4) - or the Delaware County Veteran's Card.

I am also capable of making minor adjustments or replacements such as replacing the trigger with the short reset trigger (SRT), switching sides of magazine catch release buttons, grip replacement - and YES, grip replacement should only be done by a certified armorer - there are springs and other small parts that you might not know how to reattach or realize they are out of alignment, and the grip screws are not just simply screwed to a random tightness. There are depths to consider regarding the magazine fit, and you need to consider if you are using the right grip screws ... and other parts replacements.

the firearms on which i am certified to work:

P220, P224, P225, P226 (MK25), P227, P228 (M11A1), P229 & P239; DAO, DAK, DA/SA & SAO; ALL calibers

Training for armorers on other lines are typically only in New Hampshire, and I would like to get certified to work on other firearms, with certification from the Sig Sauer Academy. If your firearm is not on the list, please be patient. I can offer no time frames, at the moment.

I also provide training.

I can provide training for novice or infrequent users on the proper "field stripping" & cleaning of Sigs, and on the selection of cleaning and lubrication fluids.  Personally, I use Break Free's CLP (cleaning, lubrication and protection) and foam pads, rather than cloth pads or other materials that can deposit dirt, grit and fibers that can increase the likelihood of malfunction (I wash my foam pads frequently). I also use Lucas Oil's "Extreme Duty" Gun Oil, exclusively, as recommended by Sig Sauer.

I can also explain the proper ways to maintain a firearm. No, I do not offer a certification. None is necessary.

If you are an LEA and are interested in training regarding different psychological perspectives of different individuals, working with multiple aspects of Human Behavior (including a psychological crisis, different disorders, etc.), Cognitive Frameworks, and Stages of Life (child, adolescence, young adult, etc.), I can work with you to provide what you need (see my academics on the "About Me" page).